“RIGHT ORIENT” network unites

In 2017, the construction of the RIGHT ORIENT project began. We work with right-wing idea engineers in whole Europe to form a holistic concept of the right worldview. Our general goal is to unite European and world intellectuals around the common goals to stop destructive processes in our national societies and in the world as a whole.

The achievements of European civilization are in danger. Cultural marxism, political populism and the destruction of basic traditional values have led to such problems as anti-art, destruction in states administration, sexual deviations and social ulcers. We are well aware that the restructuring of society begins with the formation of yourself and your own integral right world worldwiew.

What are we doing?

We unite organizations and people to create a platform for communicating European and world right-oriented people. We collect articles, publish books and conduct measures to coordinate a unified strategy for the salvation of or societies and white civilization issues. We also distribute aesthetics, which is an integral part of our right worldwiew.

If you create an intellectual product, you are a member of a right-oriented organization, or just share our aspirations and values – write us, join our activities and invite us to participate in your own projects. We are open for cooperation and friendship for the noble goals of confronting the challenges of the modern world.

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