According to the nationalistic doctrine, when a nation represents the foundation for a human society and the source of its spiritual creativity and material work, then a state is vital implementation of that nation, it is a tool that provides its existence, enhances and enriches the living as well as defines its historical role among other nations. From the nationalist point of view, a nation and a state are considered an integral aim being of the highest ideological and real value. This aim is called a concept of a national state. In nationalism, a state is not an end in itself, it is not detached from life and people. It is, instead, the highest goal along with a nation, and nationalism subordinates all the other goals and interests, such as class, party, group and personal ones, to it.

Such understanding of the nature of a state is being far away from the views of political democracy on it and of the Ukrainian «democracy» in particular… The latter is still suffering from the primitive and non-traditional ideology that is mostly typical of national stateless societies. Taking the (quite healthy in its basis) postulate of individual freedom for absurd anarchism in thoughts and actions, and taking the notion of self-interest for the limited middle-class greed, our so called radical and socialist democracy is nothing but a terrific fruit of ideological and political nihilism negating any hierarchy and social system at all. Such a democracy takes higher state values for… «reaction» or even «counter-revolution»… Being under strong influence of superstitions from Drahomanov’s nihilistic views, it reveals incredulous attitude towards every state organization… Every political system (except for its own programs where one can find almost everything but not the elements of the statehood themselves!) seems to be a police dictatorship with inalienable attributes such as “choking” and “enslaving” someone. Such democracy does its best under conditions of chaos as disorder, being ruled by the hand of outland powers… But if there had been a possibility to establish our own state, the Ukrainian National Democratic Alliance (UNDO) and radical socialist «democrats» would have viewed it as such a common share where one could enjoy the benefits and welfare feeling minimal burden of public duty and sacrifice. THIS is the way they understand the “idea” of public freedom and human rights…

Meanwhile this is not the right way how to behave! Whilst being healthy and altruistic if comparing with the nation, the Ukrainian nationalism ideology cannot agree on such interpretation of a state just only to satisfy some public and private interests. A state is not a shop for visiting on demand… Serving national and public interests, helping the whole society or some single citizens to implement them, a state has its own independent content and nature deriving from superiority of its purpose and universality of its values. Its very nature and a national and historical essence endue it with higher values, and these values are of greater importance than partial and temporal interests. A state is not only about an organized feasibility; it is about nation’s holy and it requires and inspires every citizen to serve, to sacrifice and to think of higher notions.

Inner peace, protection, labor, legality, social justice and development can only be ensured by solidarity, goal alignment on the social level, aimed at ensuring strength and order of a state. This task is impossible under conditions of internal struggles. This constructive task is being declared by nationalism in the slogan:

— A state is above classes and parties! —

Nationalism forms its political system based on authority of the government and the organic principle of participation of Ukrainian Nation’s working class in public management. The emphasis is being put here on working class, because the nationalist ideology (being quite far from socialist demagogues and from antisocial clerical Hetman “conservatism”) leads to equality in civil rights and participation in public management first of all for those citizens who work for the benefit of their nation and the state. Only creative, efficient, social components of the nation are considered by nationalistic doctrine to be worthy to rule. These “ingredients” form actually the basis for the true leading layer. On the other hand, there are always some social predators, parasites, pests and political “schemers”. The attitude towards them is predictable: nationalism denies not only their right to leadership, but also to the sense of their existence.

These principles form the grounding of the Ukrainian nationalism concept known as natiocracy. Political, social and economic forms of natiocracy will be reviewed later. For now let us introduce its general definition. Natiocracy is a regime of national domination in one’s own country that is carried out by the power of socially useful classes combined in the representative bodies of state administration according to their social & productive functions.

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