RIGHT ORIENT is a network of right-oriented people in Europe and beyond. The members of this community are striving for a complete and holistic improvement of their mind, body and spirit.

In the pursuit of their goals, the RIGHT ORIENT community sees instruments and various elements of our life that harmoniously shape our right worldview and its aesthetic components.

The RIGHT ORIENT network began its formation in Ukraine by the hands of people who started the right Revolution at their home and armed themselves in the war against the invaders. Now they have filled their worldview with revolutionary and military experience and aesthetics so they embodied this worldwiew in the projects of our community.

The RIGHT ORIENT project was initiated by the founder of the Ukrainian Publishing House “Orientyr”, which became the first right-oriented publishing house. Now our idea has been scaled up to a new level.

Our goal is to form a right-wing worldwiew in a critical number of people to counteract the destructive factors of the modern world: liberalism, multiculturalism, cultural marxism and internationalism. We must assume the mission of preserving nations, traditional families, white people, the health of our worldwiew, body and spirit.

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